Thatchers introduces its Guide to Pairing Cider with Food

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Thatchers introduces its Guide to Pairing Cider with Food

Fourth generation cidermaker, Thatchers Cider, has produced a new Guide to Pairing Cider with Food. Written by national drinks writer, author and TV broadcaster Susy Atkins, the Guide talks through the steps on how to recognise the characteristics in a cider that will make a perfect match with different food styles.

The Thatchers Guide to Pairing Cider with Food not only demonstrates the versatility of cider when it comes to serving it with a meal, but also the characteristics that enhance tastes and flavours in food.

Susy Atkins, who has been writing and broadcasting in the drinks industry for over 25 years, says, “There is nothing more delicious and satisfying than a great marriage between food and drink. And that ‘drink’ most certainly includes cider. Matching the liquid in your glass to the food on your plate is well worth aiming for – it can help bring out the very best in both. In fact, a great pairing enhances the whole meal. And anyone can do it; the basic guidelines that help us choose the right matches are surprisingly simple and straightforward to follow.”

She explains, “Cider is incredibly diverse and complex.  Consider the many different apple varieties – bittersweet, bittersharp, culinary, dessert – and the very different styles created by our cider producers – dry, bubbly, strong, oak-aged, sweet.

“Just as you wouldn’t have any old wine with a particular dish, so it pays to think beyond just having a generic cider with your meal. To find the ideal partnerships, you need to look at what kinds of cider suit specific recipes. Sweeter, drier, richer, lighter, oak-aged, still or sparkling ciders – what will deliver the truly blissful marriages with your favourite dishes?”

The Guide, which is available in full at, looks at the characteristics of ciders, and then explains why certain foods work well.

Susy explains that perhaps the most important factor is a drink’s sweetness level. The important rule is always balance ‘like with like’ in this respect, she says. “So dry drinks must go with savoury food – they will taste harsh and too tart alongside sugary dishes. But sweet drinks work mainly with desserts and also with certain cheeses and rich patés. Sweet and medium sweet ciders, where the most luscious flavours of the juice of sweet apples really shine through, can dazzle here.”

Martin Thatcher adds, “There is so much to discover about pairing cider with food. This Guide will be of enormous help to all lovers of cider, and to those who want to add a new experience for their customers. In fact, to everyone who has a love of food and drink and who wishes to expand their horizons with new adventures, I would suggest this is a very worthwhile read with some very valuable advice.”

Thatchers Guide to Pairing Cider with Food

Over recent years Thatchers has worked with chef Tim Maddams and Indian cookery specialist Bini Ludlow to produce a series of recipes that pair perfectly with its range of ciders. The recipes can be found at